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Small Moves

Small moves or small shipments are often the hardest for a mover to do.

The typical mover has set up their moving company for efficiency of men and equipment. That usually means they want to send out a 26’ moving truck or larger and 3 to 5 movers on a move. They often have a minimum weight requirement based on their profit point. All this is fair and makes good business sense. Small Moves

However, this means a small move customer will be paying for the extra space, men and weight even if they don’t use it.

The solution is Cubemonk. CubeMonk has created the world’s first smart shipping container and portable storage unit. A powerful, embedded GURU™ monitoring device, powered by advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Automatically updated and provided real time data through CubeMonk’s GURU™ monitoring device, via any internet browser that can be logged into the CubeMonk Marketplace. SmartCube’s location is shown during departure, as it moves, once it arrives, and as it’s opened/closed. Also the physical and environmental conditions it’s been exposed to and more.

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Small Moves

Small Moves


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