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Survey service

Movers – Old Grey Tiger

Movers, have you considered the benefits of outsourcing some of your in-house or office coverage? Outsourcing can offer greater flexibility, reduced costs, reduced training cycles.

Flexibility: When I owned my moving company, covering moving surveys out of my area took sales people away from a more productive schedule.   Old Grey Tiger covers the NJ tri-state area with in-home surveys, or virtual surveys when the clients residence is out of the area or overseas. We do the scheduling with the client 

Costs: Often I had trouble justifying the time spent for an out of area survey when I compared it my salesperson doing multiple local surveys. During a busy season, I thought of hiring an extra salesperson but honestly, what do I have them do when it slows down? It didn’t make sense, especially when I allowed the added to payroll costs, added car, phone, allowance and finding an extra computer/desk station.  Old Grey Tiger Moving Consulting fees are on an as needed basis and include everything except bridge tolls and city parking. 

Training: It takes time for a new hire to come up to speed doing an accurate moving survey and knowing what needs to be considered for an efficient move. Old Grey Tiger brings over 30 years experience to the job. We professionally represent your moving company to the client.

Every moving survey we supply will have a complete  inventory (approximate weight and cube), packing or crating requirements, conditions at origin, shuttle requirements, pictures of items of interest, and customer concerns.

Movers – Old Grey Tiger

Lead Service 

Interested in a unique Lead Report service?  Homeowners often contact us directly for help with their move. Old Grey Tiger creates the same type of report and shares that with only licensed movers and only movers that do exactly the services required. The lead is limited to 3 movers. 

Typical lead services charge per lead but only provide the clients name, email address and address. An Old Grey Tiger Lead Report gives you everything you need to accurately quote without sending a sales person out. 

Typical lead services say they only go to 5 movers. An Old Grey Tiger Lead Report goes to 3 movers, period.

Typical lead services present you as a generic mover and lowest price wins. We work with quality movers that are not generic and each may have a different approach to a successful move. 

Typical lead services create an angry customer that is defensive and suspicious when you call. Old Grey Tiger Lead Reports work only with clients that have agreed to your call and want to hear your move solution. 

Typical lead services require constant follow up and hours lost chasing bad leads. Old Grey Tiger Lead Reports have accurate and complete client contact information. 

Typical closing ratios on lead services are insanely low. What would your closing ratio look like with an Old Grey Tiger Lead Report where the client has agreed to your call, wants your quote, and is shared with only 2 other licensed movers? 

Other Services 

Working with Old Grey Tiger leverages my network to your advantage. 

Moving consulting – tell me your pain point and let’s figure out how to solve the issue. Recent conversations with movers covered vetting new crm software and posting social media content. 

Debris removal – I work with haulers and dumpster container companies.

Local on-site storage – limited to central NJ

Move Manager – I’m aligned with a premier move management company, they will sort, purge, organize, pack, unpack and auction. 

Small shipments – I have solutions for your small shipments.

For more information on any of our services, please use our contact form or call 609-384-4728

Movers - Old Grey Tiger

Movers - Old Grey Tiger


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