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After 30 years as a New Jersey Mover, I’ve sold that business and I’ve begun again with a moving consulting company Homeowners – Old Grey Tiger

Homeowners – Old Grey Tiger


I owned and operated a successful moving company for over 30 years. Now, I’m taking my expertise and starting a unique moving consulting company, a conduit between the moving industry and homeowners.

Homeowners – Old Grey Tiger

This new concept provides many benefits over trying to find a mover on your own, all wrapped up into one simple and free process.

Homeowners need to make only one appointment for a moving estimate. Together, we review what needs to be moved and packed, creating a bespoke moving plan of  inventory of items being moved and not moved, and discussing what items need disassembly or special care. We cover storage options and explore when a mover’s warehouse makes sense or if other options like cubemonk, pods, or self storage are more appropriate for the situation.

When cars, boats or pets need to be moved, we have relationships with other professionals that handle those concerns. Items not going need a solution as well, so we have contacts that are haulers or provide dumpsters. We review all of this and discuss how movers charge for their services. Finally, we create a moving plan together, in your home and in a no-pressure environment. Once mapped out, I then share this plan with up to three reputable and licensed movers, who will reach out with their moving solution and their best pricing.   

Homeowners get an informed moving plan without the pushy sales atmosphere and no need for numerous meetings with multiple movers. Old Grey Tiger moving consulting is unbiased, and can therefore help you with your real needs versus what a salesperson is pitching that day. 

Homeowners – Old Grey Tiger

Frequently asked questions:

How do you get paid? The movers pay me for my services when you choose from my network.

Won’t this end up costing me more for my move? No, I replace the costs associated with a moving company having a sales person and a lead service

Will the movers need to come out as well? No, they may ask to confirm some information but the survey report will have all the information they need.

Can I have a copy of the report? Yes, you will see the same report the mover has.

Survey types:

Tony Baumer

Homeowners - Old Grey Tiger

Homeowners - Old Grey Tiger

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