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Needing a moving survey

A NJ mover reached out to me for a survey he needed help with. To provide the survey, I had to meet with a neighbor, and she would show me the moving clients house. The client is an elderly woman who’s very frail and in need of assistance. I learned her husband had left for grocery shopping one morning and had a stroke and died.  The woman was distraught and was found in front of her home asking for help. This neighbor, whom she had never met before, came to her assistance. Working with a son that was out of state and unavailable to be there, she arranged for funeral services, packing and organizing. I was the last on her list for moving services. Can I pause and say, wow! May God bless everyone with such neighbors. We went through the house and determined what still needed to be packed and discarded. We also went to a self storage locker they had but had not seen in over 2 years. My report detailed the inventory expected to go, the packing required from the movers, notations of all the contacts involved and the need for a shuttle at the storage unit. I also put them in contact with an excellent trash removal service for the final clean out.


Todt Hill Views like this when doing a moving survey

View from Todt Hill

A  NY mover asked me to do a short notice survey for a home in Todt Hill. Todt Hill is an exceptionally beautiful area of Staten Island, it’s on a hill that overlooks the New York harbor bay. The homes tend to be large and stately. I met the homeowner, and we did an inventory of the contents and packing. There were multiple mirrors, stone tops and artwork that need crating, so I measured the dimensions and noted where each item was.  I determined there was about 23,000 lbs of “stuff” to be moved. With tight streets and limited access, a shuttle truck would be needed for the move. The mover will need a day for the packing crew, a day for the crating crew, and two days for the actual move. With my report in hand, he reached out to the owner with his pricing and solution.


Old Storage unit picture during my moving survey

Forgotten Storage Unit

A New Jersey mover requested I meet with a NJ homeowner moving a few towns away. The couple is very “can do” and will do the packing themselves. They already had a self storage unit and had moved some items there already.  When we completed the inventory, they informed me that they will need some short term storage and asked about what size unit they should get.  I called the mover about his storage because I knew his rates would be competitive. The homeowner was surprised to learn that he could offer a cheaper option than getting another self storage unit. Together we came up with a moving plan that saved the homeowner some money and found extra revenue for the mover. The movers report had a complete inventory with a box count, and cubic volume requirements for storage, He was then able to confidently quote a total move price to the homeowners,


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