refinishing the floors

Moving the furniture so you can refinish the floors

An NJ mover recently asked me to survey a 7000 square foot home where the owners were having the floors refinished. The owners had planned on using an on site POD while the work was being done to hold their furniture. The refinishing work will span a month and will be done in stages.  I determined they had over 15000 lbs of furniture to be moved, but no packing. To save on space and costs, we are moving lamps, pictures, and TVs to tiled areas that won’t be touched. The furniture is all high-end and oversized so POD’s were ruled out for storage. The owners and I developed a 3 stage plan, the top floor and a mid-level area would be moved to the first floor while work was completed on those floors. Besides labor, the moving company will supply floor protection and protection for the stair railing and walls in tight areas. After the floors have cured, the 2nd stage would have the moving company move the furniture back in place, and also move the first floor to a “walk out” and huge basement. The 3rd stage will have us move everything back to its original location. Working with the client and mover, we created a bespoke move solution that addressed everyone’s concerns and kept the inconvenience to a minimum. The mover received a report from me with a complete series of pictures, an inventory, packing/ materials needed,  and a report on how the stages would play out. I suggested equipment and the appropriate number of movers on the job. Special furniture like a baby grand was noted and what tools were needed for disassembling.

Highschool Hall

Moving desks through High School Halls

A New Jersey mover called me to survey a move for a High School. They are redoing a wing of office spaces, some furniture will be moved within the school but most will be stored off site for about 4 months.  I met with the VP and Operation Manager, and we did a walk through together.  The staff will do their own packing, the IT department will move the computers, printers, phones. We discussed tote rentals vs cardboard packing. They decided on cardboard since they had a supply already on hand. I determined 30000 lbs of office furniture and boxes are on site. The move has 2 parts; first the in-house moving / move out to storage and then the move back in 4 months. All business docs needed for the move were noted, such as Business Registration Certificate, copy of license,  a Certificate of Insurance and a W9. Labels will be used on all furniture pieces to let the movers know what office it comes from, the owner if appropriate, and destination. Different colors will be used on the in-house vs the items to be warehoused,  I walked off the floor protection needed, about 1000 feet of Masonite or another floor protection. I also noted that the desk returns used square drive screw connections so the movers would bring the correct tools. The mover received my report with pictures and all this listed. The mover and I discussed warehouse storage vs trailer storage, man power and equipment needed for the move.

Muddy shoes

Last thing we want in a house is muddy shoes

I met with an older couple, a mover needed a survey of their move. They live in a ground level apartment and are moving to another apartment less than an hour away. We discussed their ability to pack themselves and if they wanted the movers to pack the apartment for them, they understood this would impact the moving costs as we walked through their 2-bedroom apartment.  They have children that will be around on moving day, but not earlier.  We decided the family will move some lamps and pictures, the owners will pack most of the house, the movers will pack high value items like the TV and some china. I determined they had about 7500 lbs to be moved. Both apartments require a certificate of insurance from the movers and the destination has an elevator that needs to be reserved. Parking for the moving truck at origin is a muddy area, so the movers will bring plywood to create a clean walk path. I discussed the move with their mover, we covered equipment (one truck), man power (3 or 4 movers) we agreed it most likely could be done in one day, depending on the allowed delivery hours at destination. The mover received my report with inventory, pictures, anticipated packing and conditions.

In each case, the mover quoted their pricing to the homeowner and the solution they thought best based on my onsite survey. My job as an independent moving consultant is to educate the homeowner and represent the mover at the house. By the time I leave the owner will understand how to prepare for their move and by days end the mover will have a report they can confidently use to price the move.