At Old Grey Tiger Consulting I cover a lot of territory and work with many movers.

A fairly typical week shapes up to look like this. Some days are dedicated to just one moving company, handling surveys for clients, while other days are mostly remote or virtual work from my office. About 60% of my work is directly with movers and 40% with homeowners or offices.  Client information is never shared with other movers, nondisclosure agreements are in effect to protect their businesses. When I do in-house surveys, COVID-19 precautions are taken, masks worn, social distancing is in effect, no physical contact. 

Monday – In-house moving surveys for an NJ Mover. I meet with their moving clients to inventory the items being moved and the items that need packing. I usually meet with about 5 or 6 clients in a day. My report is emailed to the mover within a couple of hours. The mover prices out the move from my report and handles all  client contact from there.

Tuesday – Very similar, but a different mover. He emails a list of clients needing surveys and I schedule appointment times with them His clients are typically corporate moves and usually need a large truck or trucks.  Most are moving out of state, some will need special crating for art work and the like. This week a client had over 10,000 lbs of weight equipment as part of the move, another had some antique furniture that needed crating. I measured for the crating requirements and took pictures, so he had a clear idea of what needed to be done.  Again, my report goes to the mover by the end of the day, and they handle all contact with the client from there.

Wednesday – I worked with a move manager on a couple of their moves. I did a survey and suggested movers that would be appropriate for handling it. The Move Manager does much of the packing and helps co-ordinate all the clients moving needs. I act as a consultant, suggesting methods to accomplish parts of the move and possible solutions.  One client was helping her parents move. Part went with them to an out of state assisted living and the other part went to family in the southern part of the US. Both were small moves under 2000 lbs. I suggested different movers for each part, each specializing in small moves and who specifically covered the areas they were moving to.  The other move had the Move Manager on site doing packing and organizing last minute needs, working with a mover I suggested that handled long-distance moves.

An International mover requested I survey a client here in the states who’s moving to India. My job will be to survey the move and packing but most importantly determine if it will fit into a 20-foot shipping container or will a 40-foot container be needed.

An office manager called, they are moving a doctors’ office sometime in March. They are asking for help determining timelines for packing, disassembly, and moving. They will need a document shredding company and possibly a source for renting special moving totes. We agreed to meet on-site in January.  When possible I meet with the building management as well to go over their procedures. Most have days or hours allowed, a requirement to supply a certificate of insurance and may have requirements that the mover supply floor covering and wall protection.

Thursday- A mover called me to “cube” a couple of moves for him. These were clients that had emailed pictures and a list of items being moved from out of state to NY. I generate a report from the list and pictures that gives the mover an idea of the weight and volume being moved. I flag things like access to a self storage area and parking issues at the destination address.

A client sending a small shipment to England called, too much to mail, but less than a mover typically gets involved with.  I determined the volume and weight and suggested a company that specializes in these in-between problems.

Another client needed help moving a car to California. We went over pricing tiers, such as enclosed or open moving, direct pickup and delivery, and hub delivery. We priced it with 3 car carriers and found the carrier best suited to his needs.

Friday – A builder called me about a home where he was adding an addition. The client needed the home emptied, stored while the construction was underway, and brought back to the remodeled home.  When this occurs, for a charge, I meet with the client, create the report a mover needs to price it and give the report to the homeowner but I also suggest movers that do exactly what they need. Educated, they can call movers on their own, but If they hire one of my suggestions, I refund the client my survey fee.

In prior weeks –  I met with a start-up company. Young guys that wanted to get their moving license to handle moves in NJ and the tri-state area. We went over insurance requirements, the application for a license in NJ, and developing their tariff of moving charges. We met for about 2 hours, they will work on the paperwork as much as they can and call me in again if they have more questions. In the future, we discussed a training day when I work with a crew during a move and teach best practices.

I met with a mover that needed help, but on a limited basis. He often works on the trucks and does the estimating and surveys himself. We discussed me covering surveys when his week is too crazy. It will probably work out he calls me on the weekend to see what time I have available during the week, and set up coverage for that day to catch up on the survey work. Phone calls from his office will be forwarded to my cell on that day as well, so I can schedule surveys for myself, or assign him on his next available day.