Please note, often a significantly sized move is planned well in advance of the move date, months or even a year. Here are some tips on how to prepare for an upcoming office move.

Create A Timeline

Creating a timeline and planning are the most important steps during your office move. A timeline will help you map out when different tasks need to be accomplished. Start with your move date and work backwards. Things to consider would be

  • Delivery of boxes or totes
  • The time required to pack
  • The time needed to purge and clean out.
  • Time needed to handle computers and phones
  • Scheduling elevators and meeting building move out requirements
  • Scheduling time frames for utilities, vendors and deliveries.

Communicate With Your Employees.

Let the employees know as much as possible and as soon as possible. Hold meetings to share your plans and get their feedback, concerns and ideas.

Set goals for

  • Decluttering and purging the unneeded office items. If the items are large, and they are still in use like old desks, create a junk/sell list.
  • Packing the things you don’t need day to day.
  • Planning new office layout
  • Buying new office furniture


Things To Keep In Mind Scheduling Your Move

You have two locations to consider!

  • Do you need a weekend or evening hour move? Weekdays will be easier for scheduling a mover, weekends and evenings are easier for access to most building
  • Are you working till the last day? Can you shut everything down for a week or just a weekend?
  • If you have an elevator at either location, is the elevator available and do you have exclusive use?.
  • Are they hours of usage for the loading docks, elevators, or on premises?
  • Are lights, heat/AC available on move day and during the evening?
  • And are there any building security fees or deposits needed ahead of time?

Change Of Addresses Notifications

Notify all your vendors and customers of the change of address. Put up signs at your present location with information on the new location. Ideally have new business cards or flyers you can share before the move.

Get Professional Help

Professional movers are required for any substantial move. Old Grey Tiger consulting will help with developing a moving plan and inventory,  the mover interviews, decision and planning process.


Realistically, your move will be done in stages or over days or weeks. Consider which works best you

  • Move non-essential items over before big move. Pros – less stress, more room to move and prepare. Cons – you may need something you moved, possibly disruptive of office business.
  • Move area by area. Pros – allows non-essential or less essential business to move early, allow business to continue though reduced Cons – possibly disruptive of office business.
  • All at once Pros – it’s done in the shortest amount of time Cons – completely shuts down business

Old Grey Tiger assists businesses and offices in the DC to NYC corridor. Leverage my experience doing thousands of office and household relocations for your business move.