Before talking about what is a modular house, let’s see some trade data of the prefabricated buildings. 

We can know from the photo (from the OEC data source) that In 2018, prefabricated buildings were the world’s 353rd most traded product, with a total trade of $8.85B. 

Stats for modular homes

Industry stats for modular homes

Between 2017 and 2018 the exports of Prefabricated buildings grew by 25.3%, from $7.07B to $8.85B. 

Trade in prefabricated buildings represent 0.048% of total world trade. 

These data shows the bright prospect of this industry. 

What is a modular house? 

Modular construction

Modular Construction of a large home

Modular houses are prefabricated buildings that consists of modules for each section of the house. They are manufactured in the factory before being shipped to their final location, where they are assembled by a builder. They can be built on a permanent chassis or a temporary one, a very simple foundation is enough for this kind of house. 

Comparing to the totally on-site built house, the modular house can save you a lot of time. While laying the foundation, the building blocks are being produced in the factory without the affection of weather changes. A quality labor force and the inherent Quality Control of a factory environment means less material waste, reducing the impact on landfills and protecting the environment. 

So modular houses are especially useful in situations where traditional construction costs exceed budgets or where time is critical. 

There are two main types of the modular houses 

Container steel structure house 

Basic module of the house is standard 20ft container, each container can connect with another one to expand the indoor space, they can be placed side-by-side, end-by-end and stacked, capable of being various styles. 

These container homes are quite flexible, think about that, your existing house is not big enough to live and you want to expand, adding a modular house next to it would be a great idea. From having this idea to completing your new house, it only takes maximum two months, sometimes less. 

Instead of buying a new bigger house, you can simply expand the space by adding a new one besides it, isn’t that amazing? While the same idea also can be applied to school building, office building… 

But some people may wonder, I don’t want my house just like a container, I want it to be looked like a normal house, how should I do? That’s very easy, just choose your favorite decoration colors for interior and exterior, add a pitched roof. 

The creative of the container house is infinite, the only limit is your imagination. Here are some photos for your reference. 

Another worry is that how long can the container house last? Although compared to conventional buildings, they are more like the temporary house, but they will last longer than you might expect. Normally lifespans of 25 to 30 years on well-maintained buildings. 

For those who only need an extra space for few years, you may lease one instead of buying. 

Light steel framing house 

Forcast for modular homes

Forecast of industry

The main material is light steel keel synthesized from hot-dip galvanized aluminum steel strip by cold rolling technology, the weight of the house is only one fifth of reinforced concrete building, therefore, the cost of foundation construction can be greatly reduced. 

Light steel is the recyclable, eco-friendly and sustainable material. 

Light steel framing house will last at least 70 years, if you want a long lifespan modular house, this can be a good choice. The light steel can be used for a variety of building types, from a small apartment to a multi-story commercial building. The height of a container house is usually limited to 3-story, while almost no limits for the light steel framing house. 

You may worry that the light steel is easy to be corroded, no problem, the breathing paper is used on the periphery of the entire wall to seal the entire wall against moisture. This kind of seal can prevent the harmful substances in the outdoor atmosphere from corroding metal materials while isolating outdoor moisture from entering the room, and can also eliminate indoor moisture. 

Modular home rooms

Rooms can be huge

Few tips you should know about modular house 

1) They can be customized, designed in vary style and size. 

2) Most modular house supplier can provide CAD, 3D drawing of your ideal house. 

3) Consult your local builder about building standards/permission. 

4) Modular house can be set up as temporary or permanent building. 

5) Modular buildings can be used for both residential and commercial space solution. 

Advantages of modular house 

1) Eco-friendly 

Almost all of the materials used for a modular building are recyclable and sustainable. 

2) High quality 

Modular houses are always associated with lower quality, but things have changed now. All structural components are made of high-strength galvanized steel to ensure the service life of the house, they are cold-formed by the factory’s precision machinery assembly line, the dimensional accuracy is in millimeters, which is unmatched by other structures. 

With a light weight and a specific way of connecting, the earthquake resistant can be as high as level 8 

3) Energy saving 

Dry form of on-site assembly, saving the water, electricity and materials and protect the environment. Accurate material calculation can reduce waste. 

4) Controllable Schedule 

The capacity of the factory is calculable and production will not be affected by the weather changes, these could contribute to a stable schedule of the project. 

5) High speed 

Modular construction allows for the production of structure modules and the site work to be completed simultaneously, which saves a lot of time. 

6) Easy to assemble 

The assembly of the modular house is like building the LEGO blocks, it can be easily completed with the help of the installation drawing. 

7) Low cost 

With all these time saving, energy saving, high speed and low demand for the foundation, apparently the cost of a modular building is lower than the conventional one.

Author Bella Chen is a Modular House Supplier with the GUIZU GROUP Located in Guangzhou China GUIZU Group has been dedicated in design and manufacturing container houses since 2008. Bella Chen be reached at +86 18689411821