The 10 Most Important Things to Know when Immigrating to Argentina

We understand how stressful moving to a new country can be for a single person or a family. These 10 points will help ease the transition. 

1 The Argentine immigration system is one of the easiest and friendliest to navigate plus it’s a fairly inexpensive process. You will need documentation, but that usually means your birth certificate and country ID (visa) 

2 Unemployment is around 9% in Argentina.  Just like the US, jobs with better pay and benefits tend to go to citizens of the country. Lower paying jobs are plentiful if you’re willing to work your way up. 

University of Buenos Aires

The University of Buenos Aires

3 The school year in Argentina runs from March to December and lasts about 200 days. Schools are closed for national holidays, such as Good Friday and Easter, and two weeks in July for vacation. At the secondary level, students are offered a wide variety of courses, vocational and professional. In Argentina, we are distinguished by the UBA (University of Buenos Aires) internationally renowned for its educational system and competitiveness. Students there can pursue degrees in medicine, psychology, engineering, law, economics and more. The traditional university degree is awarded after five or six years of full-time study in a specialized field.


4 Mercer, the multinational consultancy, which specializes in advising multinational companies in employee transfers, ranked Argentina 2nd in their list of the 20 best cities in Latin America. The criteria they used looked at 39 factors divided into 10 categories, including political and economic environment, sociocultural status, hygiene, educational institutions, leisure, housing, the market, and natural disasters. 

Taxi in Argentina

Taxi in Argentina

5  Argentina has one of the best public transportation systems in Latin America. Buses, trains, subways and tram (premetro) make it easy to get around. Purchasing a SUBE card will grant you access to any public transport. Taxis or Uber’s are readily available as well. 

Flat and with many cycle lanes, Buenos Aires is the perfect city for exploring on two wheels. With over 130 km of bicycle lanes and a free public bicycle sharing system (Ecobici), cycling is a great way both to explore the city

Buenos Aires is serviced by 2 airports,  Ministro Pistarini international airport (usually called Ezeiza and abbreviated EZE) and the Jorge Newbery metropolitan airport (abbreviated AEP). 

6 Housing can be a challenge. Although many unique options exist like shared room rentals and student accommodations, rents are considered high. Expect to be asked for 3 different salary stubs or providing a proprietary guarantee. High rise living is more common than house living in the cities. Most people would agree you should start your housing search early, 

Iconic Tango

The Tango of Argentina

7 Argentina is known for Buenos Aires (literally means “good air”), Tango, Steak (try Asado de tira) , Wine (most notably our Malbecs), and Merienda (4th meal, something along the lines of brunch) 

Buenos Aires is considered a world destination city with a wide range cultural and artistic offerings. Renown restaurants abound, the Argentine food is very different from its neighbors, influenced by Spanish and Italian ingredients but all food cultures are represented, we have the most advanced cinema in Latin America (cinemark hoyts), and amazing ecological reserves such as the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve. You can not be bored in Argentina..

8  In Latin America, the Argentine people have very progressive equal rights and are receptive to diverse lifestyles. Gender equality and same-sex marriage are protected,  in fact Argentina has passed the most progressive gender identity legislation in existence. 

9  Argentina is very friendly and open to foreigners. Argentines are friendly, curious, and engaging. Argentines have a strong sense of community so it’s common to see people chatting on the street corner or in cafes. A common sentiment is that there is always room for one more,  they are always ready to make you feel at home.

10 Argentina has one of the most modern and accessible public health systems in Latin America. The quality is very high and professional. Argentina provides free or highly subsidized health services to around 50% of people in Argentina, including both nationals and foreigners. Medical, hospital, dental and palliative care, rehabilitation, prosthetics and medical transport are free of charge. When you use the public health system, medications are also free. 


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