This blog is in response to an earlier post. Thank you, Elaine, for your insights!

Moving Seniors and Why It Can Be Different From Other Moves

Having performed a multitude of moves (senior and otherwise), Organized Transitions LLC(R), is acutely aware of some key differences.  There are certain scenarios that will dictate a time when more assistance than usual will be necessary, and we have the experience and credentials to do just that.

For instance, a senior living alone and experiencing cognitive or memory issues will need the expertise of someone more qualified to help them make decisions, liaise with family out of state or service providers instrumental in helping them transition.

Perhaps choosing an appropriate care facility or a home that accommodates mobility devices such as ramps, or designing a floor plan that utilizes space with considerations for wheelchairs and live-in caregivers is a must-have.  Attention to detail in this regard is of paramount importance.  Aging continues and mobility may decline; so we ask ourselves things like how will items that previously lived in upper cabinets be located to counter height or below?  Is the new bathroom safe to navigate in terms of slip and fall–any retrofitting necessary? is the doorway wide enough for a walker, etc.

We know all too well that the answers to these questions and many more are better left answered BEFORE than after a move.  Just think, moving presents so many tasks, questions and uncertainties on a good day.  Now add the factors stated above — that can be tough stuff to work through.

Make no mistake, we don’t want to make it scary.  We just want you to know the difference, and we’re here to help with empathy, patience and a lot of care. Call us at 908-630-8995 for more information.


Elaine Fernando is the Founder and Owner of Organized Transitions LLC(R), a Move Management and Professional Organizing company in NJ servicing the tri-state and beyond. Member of National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) and National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO)