Most sales people have added at least some virtual sales processes so they can connect with their clients easier.

If you’re a realtor, how have you adapted, is the process any different from doing a walk through with a home buyer?

Corinne Whitehead told me virtual tours help eliminate properties so the clients are not wasting time looking at the wrong properties. She shared this: “We are taking full advantage of remote selling, such as showing more extensive videos and additional photos of my listings, including aerial, so that the buyer can really get a good picture of what the house is really like, and the space it offers, before making the decision to take a look at it in person.   We are not selling homes strictly online at this time, but we do want the buyer to carefully eliminate properties, as to not put everyone at risk, by going into homes that they know won’t suit their needs.  This is why live videos and virtual walk through tours are very important.”

Once a buyer has settled on a property, what then?  “If we have a buyer that is interested in a home, and has seen all the online photography, we will then go into the home, and have them on FaceTime, or zoom, and virtually walk them the through the home, showing more intricate details, such as opening closets, pantries, etc., and answering their questions as we go.   When they are ready, they can then make an appointment to view the property in person, with the proper protective equipment.  These steps have really helped the process of home searching.

Pete Maimone was in agreement and added this; “Virtual selling is helping tremendously. A good virtual tour will attract many more “hits” than a standard listing with only a photograph. (And they are less subject to touch ups that make rooms looks better online than they are in reality). But even though I haven’t “virtually” sold one home (All buyers have the need to touch, see and feel) It has helped Realtors weed out lookers from real buyers.”

Pete’s experience has been that “Every buyer that I’ve shown a home by virtual tour, did make an offer.”

The advantages would seem to be that it allows buyers to see more properties and better discern what meets their criteria. Realtors taking advantage of virtual tours are able to present more options to their moving clients and be more productive as well. Most realtors I spoke with see this as the way home buying and selling will continue to be, even after we open NJ to all services.

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Be safe!

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