I have a problem labeling a move a “senior move” as if its for a different kind of human.

It feels ridiculous, I’ve never seen an article for “how to move a 30 year old”. Why label me as something special?

pictures and memories

pictures and memories

I am emotionally vested in the home I’m in. I built or remodeled much of it. My kids pictures on the walls remind me of every event we shared here in this house. Yet, it is becoming a lot of work. I hire help at times for the yard work and I’ve scaled back on the projects I attempt.  My wife and I discuss if its time to move to a smaller, easier place. The fact is, I do have special concerns and I do need more help moving than a 30 year old.

How to help

First, listen to my reluctance to give up some independence. I’ve handled quite a lot in my life time, I’m not incapable.  Listen also to my concerns about the unknown. I’ve a well rutted routine here and I can’t image how I will create a new one.

help with the boxes

Helping with the boxes

Help me purge and downsize. There are excellent people at NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Mangers) that can assist us with this if it becomes too overwhelming. I may need help in finding sites to donate to or to sell the items that are no longer needed.  If you see something you or a family member might want, speak up! I don’t want my things to go to the curb, you are taking some stress away with your suggestions.

Help me choose a realtor, mover, or lawyer.  Its been years since I needed any of those professions.  I might need help finding the companies that turn off or turn of the utilities, closing accounts at banks, arranging to forward the mail.

I may not see the repairs that I need to do before I sell or move. Help me assess what I need to do and suggest solutions

Family around

Family visit before moving

Help me plan space in the new house or apartment. Don’t get mad if at first I want to bring too much. Memories are tied up in the most common of things and I may need to hold onto them a little longer. I’ll accept facts, I may need a little time though.

Let’s have everyone visit before I move. They can help pack, move items from the attic, or just watch TV with me. I’d love to see everyone. Those that can help with moving or heavy lifting are especially welcome.

On moving day I would appreciate your company. My emotions will be near the surface or just below.

I may break down. Your shoulder will be so comforting.