7 things you’re inadvertently doing to sabotage your move in NJ , NY and the tri-state area. Here are some of the problems movers see on moving day.

Problem 1 would have to be shippers (you) that did not finish getting ready. If you hired your mover to just move you, then you need to have everything packed by the time the mover arrives. The moving company (usually) has planned your move so you are out of the house by closing or in time for the elevator schedule . You should never think, ‘the mover will handle it”,  most movers do not show up with an extra 50 boxes and extra crew to pack the kitchen and dining room. Solution: If you run out of steam (it happens), call them so they can try and get a packing crew out to save the day or you should schedule the pick up for the day before.

Problem 2 are home sellers/buyers that that have scheduled the day so the first closing is at 9 am and the second at 5 pm. Now the movers have to race to get you out by 9 (won’t happen) and then charge you waiting time because the men must sit in the new driveway for 7 hours. Solution: schedule the first closing late morning/early afternoon to allow the movers time to get out. Schedule the second closing early/mid afternoon for delivery.

curb furniture

carry it to the curb

Problem 3 is when the shipper did not sell the items they said they were getting rid of. Movers do not have the magic truck that expands to handle any size house. Asecond truck can be sent if one is a available, but a mover needs some notice to make that happen. If you surprise the moving company, they will have have to leave items or make a second trip. Solution: post an emergency notice on your neighborhood web group, negotiate the sale or gift of them with the new buyers, or have the movers take them to the curb with a sign that says free. Related problem: The new place is too small for the items you’re moving or the doorways/spaces are too small for your furniture or appliances. Solution: Measure, measure, measure.  Don’t assume the sofa fits through the new door or the refrigerator fits in the new kitchen cabinet space.

Problem 4. You forgot that you remodeled the house after you bought a huge bedroom set. Now it won’t fit down the staircase. This issue is usually caught by the estimator but an inch too small or too large is hard to notice. Solution: With enough notice a mover will usually have a repair guy/gal  that can remove moldings or to take an armoire apart. Most movers will have a release form to sign on moving day if a homeowner insists they try and everyone knows damages will occur. Related problem: you have non-allowable items to move like chemicals, paint, detergents. Solution: Drop them off at your recycling center (those that are allowed) , leave the paint with a note on each can that indicates the room it will touch up. Read the can/bottle for correct disposal directions.

rainy day move

Moving on a rainy day

Problem 5 is when the moving day conditions are horrible such as; the street is being paved, a hurricane, northeaster, snow storm is raging. Solution: pick a new day or accept that extra time, damages, or costs will happen.

Problem 6 is having multiple contractors in the house for carpeting, painting, installing appliances on moving day. Solution: proper scheduling. Prioritize the contractors and vendors so everyone is not fighting to move in the house.  Related problem: house is cold, dark and bathroom isn’t in service. Solution: call to set up your utilities weeks in advance. You would rather pay for utilities not used than suffer those that are not available.

Problem 7. Moving on Friday afternoon , Monday morning or on popular travel days. Friday and Monday traffic is usually the heaviest. If one of the residences are at the shore or at a vacation area you should expect heavy traffic and delays. Solution: Schedule the move around traffic patterns you know will affect your move. For your new residence, check with your realtor on what to expect there.