Leisure suit

70’s leisure suit

Leisure Suit Care

70's bell bottoms

Flared bell bottoms

Getting ready to move your leisure suits? Save your money , there’s no need to buy wardrobe boxes!  Simply roll them up, place in a trash bag. They will store indefinitely, and are easily discarded when when you come to your senses.

Hot Pants, Flared Bell Bottoms and Platform Shoes

platform shoes

70’s platforms

Hot pants are even easier than leisure suits. Instead of a trash bag grab a zip lock bag. Platform shoes should just be worn rather than packed. You gotta let your light shine. The Bell Bottoms are cool, bring them back. Pack them carefully in a wardrobe with the gowns and business suits.


70' pet rock

Pet rock craze

Pet rocks

70's mood ring

Mood ring craze

It has been said, if your friend is a Pet Rock,  you need to move to some place where there are people.  If you don’t believe me, look at your mood ring. I’ll bet it is glowing the sad color.


CB Radios in the 70's

Smokey and the Bandit

CB Radio’s

Breaker, Breaker, Do you have a CB Radio you need moved? Perhaps you’re rolling to Shakey Town. If it’s the later than the 70’s you can pack it up in the original box. You won’t be using it.

Similar packing requirements are used for your VHS tapes and your 8-track’s.


70's pit

Pit lounge

70's Living room set

Bold colors and prints


The moving pads must be very clean to avoid staining the pattern on a typical Living room set and strong backs are needed to bend low enough to pick up the lounging pit sofas.




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