Who is packing the boxes? Is it you or the mover?

The largest area a homeowner can save money is by doing their own packing. Time, inclination or ability may dictate what you can do.

If you self pack:

packing yourself?

Packing yourself can be a daunting job , but well within your abilities


  1. You will definitely save money
  2. You get to label the boxes in as much detail as you want.
  3. You can pack the box with the exact items you want together.
  4. You can use “used” boxes from the liqueur store, neighbors move, or amazon delivery boxes. Any source is OK
  5. You can do it over time. If you have 3 months before moving day, packing 2 boxes a day will usually accomplish the task in plenty of time.


  1. Are you any good at it? Be honest, will you double wrap the breakables?
  2. It takes a lot of time. A typical mover can pack 4-6 boxes an hour, can you?
  3. Used boxes may be sub-par. They are weaker than new and can sometimes hide bugs.
  4. It’s very hard work, and especially tough on your lower back.

If you have a mover do the packing

movers packing a house

Professional movers will bring the right tools , the right boxes and plenty of them


  1. They are fast, a team can pack the average house in less than a day.
  2. Licensed movers use regulated, tested, new boxes.
  3. Professional packers bring their own boxes, tape, newsprint, etc
  4. Movers have the appropriate size and type of boxes that china, lamps,TV’s require.
  5. System of labeling. Boxes are usually labeled for the room they are going to and have general descriptions of the contents written on the box.


  1. It can be pricey. It will add substantially to your moving costs
  2. It can feel invasive. Your personal items are going to be packed by strangers. There are always things in your house you should pack yourself (obviously the guns, jewelry and money but think of these items as well: deeds, wills, and your most precious items)
  3. It is impersonal. Packers don’t linger over sentimental pictures or childhood mementos, they don’t feel a connection like you do.

The bottom line:

If you are fussy or cost conscious, pack the lamps, pictures, TV’s, china and the very fragile items. These are the most expensive items to pack.

If you are cost conscious but afraid of the fragile items, then pack the books, Tupperware, linens/clothing. Those items are easily packed and usually make up most of the house/apartment/office.

If you are cost conscious and have plenty of time, you can at least attempt to pack. If you run out of time or steam ( we all do) , call the mover. They will gladly help you out, just give them enough notice.

If you have the budget or you are just overwhelmed, then have the movers pack it all. You may cringe at paying extra, but the peace of mind it can bring is priceless.

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