I met your neighbor, you should move!

Before the shelter in place decree was issued, I was on the road each day. There is a neighborhood I go into frequently with little parking for non-residents

moving survey - no parking

Tight parking for non-residents

Parking was tight and I had to park on the street a little down from my clients house. In an area designated for visitors.

A neighbor was out their door before I could lock up complaining I was in the spot she leaves open for HER guests. OK, I’ll move.

The survey went fine, a nice guy, we had coffee and conversation, all good.  As I was leaving, another neighbor came out. The questions started, “where is he moving to?” “when are the movers coming?” “did I know the kids never help, he’s on his own?” “One kid is in jail, the others never call”

A neighbor on the other side was agreeing to everything and trying to get me to add to the conversation.

As I was driving away, a new tagline came to me. “I met your neighbor, you should move!”