piano move

moving a piano

  1. can movers move a piano?  Yes, most movers can but may limit it to first floor to first floor or they may pass on a full concert grand because of the liability and extra weight. The larger companies definitely do, and the “owner on truck” most likely will.  Ask to make sure though.
  2. can movers move plants? No and especially no for out of state moves. But, if the room is there on the truck and the crew is open to the idea, it does happen. They will probably make you swear an oath of no claims if the pot cracks or the plant has a mishap.
  3. can movers move alcohol? No they can’t in most cases. There are rules against it but some movers specialize in it and will box it in special cartons. Not a do it yourself project. The real reason most movers shy away from it is because if it leaks, it will definitely destroy the finish on anything it touches. Think of the alcohol rings on tables and the stains in clothing you’ve experienced over the years.
  4. can movers move a sleep number bed? Yes but again ask the mover if they will. Sleep number beds often have different recommendations on how to move them, hopefully you still have your paperwork and can share it with the crew on moving day.
  5. can movers move one piece of furniture? Yes but look for a smaller moving company for your best price. Usually they will add it to the schedule as a “call on the way” and fit it near another move. If you need it at an exact time, you’ll pay considerably more.
  6. moving in the rain

    moving on a rainy day

    can movers move in the rain? Appropriate for today! Yes they can and do it all the time. Light rain is easily handled with burlap’s, blankets or shrink-wrap. Torrential rain will almost always damage something despite best efforts, pick a new day if possible.

  7. can movers move guns? Like alcohol, no in most cases. There are movers that will under special conditions such as in locked cases and there will be lots of paperwork. Most will just avoid it and say no the request.  You should move it yourself in a proper case and with proper paperwork
  8. can movers move a pool table? Yes, they will dismantle it and move it  but some will ask you to take it apart or hire a specialist to take it apart. Most will not put it together at the new residence, you definitely need a specialist to level and re-felt the table. Some movers will insist the slate be crated. Grab a pencil and compare the cost of a specialist prepping, crating, moving and set up to a movers cost, the specialist may save you a couple of bucks.

    pool table movers

    moving a pool table






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