What a time we’re having during the COVID19 crisis. Studies show the most stressful time in a persons life is moving and loss of a loved one. Loss of contact with our family and friends must be up there as well.

But. we still need to take care of what needs to be taken care of, like selling our homes and moving.

Thankfully we can accomplish most of this remotely. Instead of doing onsite moving surveys we invested in the software to accomplish them virtually. I send you a link and we walk through the home discussing what goes and stays, what you need packed and cover all your moving concerns. It usually takes about 30 minutes. You’re safe at home, I’m safe in the office.  Better yet is that we only need to do this once, I share the survey with up to 3 licensed movers who contact the homeowner with their best price and solution.

Its a new way of handling moving, less time to everyone, convenient to when the homeowner is available, and lets all feel safe in our home.

owner Tony Baumer